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Ceiling, desk, gyro, water, kerosene, parlor and column fans.

Vintage fans from the 1890s on up, restored and refurbished to work and look like new.


Vintage desk fans

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General Electric "quiet blade" pedestal fan from the 1930s.

Belt and pulley ceiling fans.

1903 Emerson desk fan

1950s Handybreeze fan


Robbins & Myers Art Deco oscillating fan of the 1930s.

Vintage Emerson 10" oscillating fan, circa 1930s

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Westinghouse oscillating fan, circa 1940s

Eck Hurricane, one of first oscillating fans (1905-1910)

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1950s Handybreeze

Dayton fan with wedge-shaped brass blades (1920s)

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fan7.jpg (78322 bytes)

General Electric oscillating fan with brass collar.  Very rare.  
Only made in 1914.

1909 Westinghouse 'sidewinder' ceiling fan

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fan11.jpg (95328 bytes)

2000 Fanimation ceiling fan with palm blades


Other fans:

1930s Vidrio desk fan with glass base
1930s Emerson Silver Swan fan
1940s Westinghouse bullet-back fan
1950s Blue-green Vornado classic
2000 Fanimation model with palm blades

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