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Media Coverage of The Fan Man

"Jim DeNoyer didn't train to be a fan doctor.  The delicate surgery he performs on rusted blades and the painstaking resuscitation of exhausted electrical systems were not what he had in mind; instead, he studied to become an accountant.  But the challenges of bringing a tangle of missing parts and bent frames back into working order give him a sense of satisfaction that he never found fiddling with numbers as a CPA."

salvageconnoisseur The Fan Man, Renovation Style, Summer 2000, pp. 57-61.  

"Dallas museum is a wind-blowing experience.  The time is finally right for Jim DeNoyer's Olde Fan Museum.  For 20 years, the museum has been sitting there in the Lakewood Shopping Center, ..."

The Olde Fan Museum, The Dallas Morning News, Sunday, August 2, 1998.  

"Antique fans and reproductions are popular with restorers of historic homes and anyone fond of period style.  Jim DeNoyer, owner of the Fan Man in Dallas, repairs fans.  He is also reproducing the classic Gyrofan (seen above).  This brass-bladed beauty, designed in the first decade of this century, features two desk fans mounted on a central hub."

Object Lesson: Ceiling Fans, House & Garden, May 1997

"This breezy storefront, hidden in the Lakewood shopping district, features the city's - and quite possibly the country's - best selection of working antique floor and ceiling fans."

Elements of design, The Dallas Morning Herald, January 10, 1997



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